About Us

Skibird Ski Boats are built with you in mind, the information in this site has been assembled to help you to make the correct decision with your investment, Skibirds are not the most expeensive available, and they are not the cheapest, but they are the best value.

Whether you are skiing, barefooting or wakeboarding, the boats contain everything a driver, observer and skier requires to come together and deliver endless hours of enjoyable, safe, hassle free ski boating.

Skibird do not carry stock of their boats, the boat is built with input from the customer, yes you may have to wait a little but the end result will be that you have 'your boat' not just another boat off the shelf.

We start with a base unit then add what you want, customise the seating, the colours inside and out, trim, vinyl or velour how it is coloured / styled all at a great price.

The bottom line, Skibirds are the best river boat on the market, fast flat turning if the skiers can hang on turn in the narrowest of rivers safely.
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